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Accurately Predicting Where Your Real Estate Business Will Be at the End of 2014

I gauge my work days being 100% truthful using REAL numbers. This is by measuring only total available work days after taking out holidays, vacations, meeting with my team etc. For me personally, that changes 365 to 250 days in 2014.

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Facebook Messages that Engage and Sell for Real Estate and Sales Professionals

I can hear all the objections coming my way. Set your objections aside and trust me when I tell you, YOU can write engaging messages and it does not have to be a long, complicated process. Here are a few tips and shortcuts to help you, the same advice I give my clients…

Remove Obstacles

4 Obstacles to Getting Plenty of Ideal, Real Estate Clients

What is the question I hear from my new clients in my mindset, responsibility and accountability programs over and over again? Why can’t I get all the clients that I want now? I’ve done the blueprints, the programs, and read the books from cover to cover. I modeled the guru’s and I am still not attracting all the clients that I want.